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Picnic, household biomass stove

  Biomass Profile:
  Furnace models: picnic, household biomass stove;
  Furnace type: fan driven, ascending gasification;

  Material Science:

Furnace body Internal: 304 stainless steel
External: 201 stainless steel
Furnace foot 2 mm iron sheet
Furnace Face cast iron
Burning inner gallbladder 304 stainless steel

  Parts and Parts:

AC plug Input: AC 100-240V 50/60HZ; Output: DC 5V 1A
Fan (built-in handle) DC 12V Brushless Motor
Charging treasure (optional) 10000 mA (3.85v) lithium battery
Charging speed (no power to full power) 7 hours (AC)
Duration of Charge Treasure (Full Power) 4.2 watt fan: 10.5 hours



  Furnace Performance:

Parameter Fan Furnace (Granular Edition)*
High power thermal efficiency (%) 51%

Relevant information download:Instructions for Fan Furnace

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