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Other Auxiliary Equipment

Introduction of other auxiliary equipment products:
1. For the screening of particulate matter, the powder and crumbs are screened out through the screen, so that the quality of particulate matter is better.
2. Three-way distributor: Mainly used in 6 granulator production lines; through PLC control, it can realize three feeding units on the left or three feeding units on the right, or three feeding units on the left and three feeding units on the right at the same time.
3. Middle small silo: mainly used for 2 or 6 granulator two-way winch feed granulator production line;
4. Raw material silo: It is mainly used for two production lines of granulator. It is used for short-time storage of raw materials and provides raw materials for two feeding winches.

Selection Tower  DLSJ1520

Selective Screen  DLSJ1708

Finished warehouse

Three-way distributor

Middle small silo DLLC0808

Raw material silo  DLLC3108

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