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Bucket of baler and baler

Packer and hopper product introduction:
Working Principle: Material is added into weighing hopper by feeding mechanism (three-section arc door). After the controller receives the weight signal of the sensor, it receives the pre-set program value to control, and feeds quickly (fast, medium and slow at the same time) at the beginning.
1. Chinese digital display is simple and intuitive, the packaging specifications can be adjusted continuously, the working state can be changed arbitrarily, and the operation is very simple.
2. Three feeding modes, high, medium and low, are available for selection, with accurate quantification and high accuracy.
3. It has functions of setting, storing and modifying weighing value.
4. It has zero setting and automatic zero tracking function.
5. It has the function of displaying the total weight of packages and the accumulative number of bags.
6. It has chain control functions of weighing, unloading and bagging.


Bucket of baler

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