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Drum Microtome

Product introduction of drum microtome:
1. Structural Composition: It is mainly composed of machine base, inlet and outlet, cutter head, chassis, chipper blade and electronic control. The machine can adjust the chipper blade according to the need to produce wood chips of different specifications and thickness.
2. Working Principle: Wood is fed by the inlet port. When wood touches the cutting blade, it is cut with the high-speed rotation of the cutting cutter, and the high-speed steam produced by the wind blade on the cutting cutter disc is sent out in the cutting room.
3. Usage: Wood chipper is a special equipment for producing wood chips. Wood chips are widely used in papermaking, particleboard, MDF, etc. The main raw materials are logs.

Drum microtome  DLBX218/DLBX310/DLBX313

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