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Cooler product introduction:
1. The core technology of the new type cooler adopts the principle of air convection, alternating cold and hot air circulation, and dual fan working mode. One fan is responsible for the blast, the other is responsible for the blast, the cold blast, the blast at the same time will take away the particle surface heat.
The quantity and heat are discharged out of the warehouse through the induced draft fan with the opposite flow.
2. The core components are made of stainless steel, which has good heat absorption and fast heat dissipation, which is more conducive to particle cooling.
3. Single motor drive, through the chain drive, makes the layers do reciprocating motion, so that the particles layer by layer, in turn, blanking, rolling, which is more conducive to particle cooling;
4. The quality of granules can be guaranteed by screening when the granules are discharged.

Cooler  DLLQ3534/3540

Cooler  DLLQ3530

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