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1.1 New type air dryer product introduction:
1. The machine is mainly composed of combustion furnace, U-shaped pulse tube, fan, shackle and other parts. Under the action of induced draft fan, hot air and materials are absorbed into the pipeline at the same time. Water-bearing materials are suspended in high-speed hot air flow through a drying pipe. Because of the action of the pulse tube, the air flow rotates, which makes the material roll continuously, increases the heat transfer and exchange with the hot air flow, and improves the thermal efficiency. Then the water and material are separated through the shackle to achieve the drying effect.
2. Airflow dryer, easy to manufacture, easy to install and repair, suitable for small production line supporting use.
1.2 Intelligent drum dryer product introduction:
1. The working principle of the intelligent drum dryer is that the material enters the inner layer of the rotary drum from the feeding device to realize the downstream drying. The material is continuously copied and scattered under the inner sheet to realize the heat exchange in a spiral way. The material moves to the other end of the inner layer and enters the middle layer for countercurrent drying. The material is continuously raised in the middle layer, in a two-step and one-step way, and the material is in the middle layer. It not only absorbs the heat from inner drum, but also absorbs the heat from middle drum. At the same time, it prolongs the drying time. Material drives to the other end of middle drum and falls into outer drum. Material travels in rectangular multi-loop way in outer drum. Material with drying effect travels rapidly under the action of hot air and discharges the drum. The reason of wet material without drying effect is that the drying effect is not achieved. The material can be fully dried in the rectangular sheet to achieve the purpose of drying.
2. Intelligent drum dryer has compact structure, simple structure and reasonable layout. It can improve the heat exchange rate between material and heat energy, and make the material drying effect good.
3. It is easy to realize automatic control, reduce operators and save labor resources.

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