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Chairman's Brief Introduction

Liang Nianxi, male, Han nationality, born in September 1953 in Qiucun Town, Guangde County, Anhui Province, graduated from Zhejiang University and Shanghai Jiaotong University with a postgraduate degree. In his early years, Liang Nianxi was the head of several township enterprises in Zhuanqiao Township, Guangde County. He had rich experience in enterprise management and management ability. After the restructuring of township enterprises, he founded people with self-financing. Enterprises engaged in transportation facilities (highway toll station steel structure engineering, traffic signs, etc.) investment projects. He founded Dingliang Bioenergy Technology Development Co., Ltd. of Anhui Province in 2009 based on our county's industrial policy, many investigations, expert demonstrations and abundant biomass resources of agricultural and forestry wastes such as straw.

Comrade Liang Nianxi is good at learning new knowledge, accepting new things, and has a strong ability of pioneering and innovating. By deeply understanding the great significance, scientific connotation, spiritual essence and fundamental requirements of the scientific concept of development, he has established a scientific outlook on life and values, and combines his own thoughts and practical work to achieve the goal of learning while thinking about the ground. Fang's public welfare undertakings have contributed generously to local village road maintenance and water conservancy construction.

He constantly promotes Chinese traditional culture and leads employees to learn Chinese traditional culture Disciples'Regulations. Employees are required to be honest employees, and enterprises are required to be responsible and able to play the role of enterprises. "We can't change the society, but we can change ourselves and influence the people around us," he said.

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