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Anhui Dingliang Bioenergy Technology Exploration Co., Ltd ,in Guangde County Economic Development Zone. The company was founded in March 2009, is a set of technology and production as a whole, multi-pronged, specializing in the development of biomass fuels and biomass pellet production machinery and equipment, development and production of new high-tech automatic biomass boilers, the new enterprise. Senior personnel have over 12 people, more than 80 employees. It covers about 30 acres and a building area of 10,000 square meters, registered capital of 10 million yuan, the main products are: bioenergy solid core of fuel processing equipment(the name of dingliang with the functional bioenerg) bioenergy solid particles machine, shaped in fuel ( bionergy), biomass boiler, and biomass cooker , boimass fireplaces .  the annual productivity of bionergy fuel is 100, 000 tons,the equipments of fuel boimass solid core of the fuel to the processing and applying are more than 5,000 sets . the solid core boimass processing equipment and fuel boimass the quality and technology in the leading level of the eight new products and new technology patents.


Products intruduction

  Boimass solid core of processing equipment——the fuel is dirubuted, low density material left in the agricultural and forestry three things through, and physical drying, as ready for high density new fuel mechanical processing equipment, including dry and mixed compression molding, cooling dehumidifier, electrical control, and other auxiliary equipments. the main structure includes the building, the transmission and body, pressure roller, and the grinder was powered, etc.

Boimass solid core of fuel ( particles )——the company applys the industrialization of production with company + the base +farmer  and forestry three main raw materials, such as the stalks ( wheat straw, corn stalks, sorghum stalks and cotton stalk and straw ), shells ( peanut shells and shells, nuts,) and bamboo and wood cuttings and so on, with the conditions of pressure, temperature, grain, water content, after a mechanical physical shape as for the density of a large, the value of a solid (particles ) fuel. The fuel a wide range of uses, They can be used for power generation and biological gasification and also can be used in hotels and guesthouses, schools, hospitals, factories. when sending hot water from a boiler, indoor heating, the steam, etc.

Automatic boimass boiler——the products of higher energy efficiency and performance and economic stability and security, etc. the use of the cost is 35% of the electric boilers, 50% of fuel oil gas boiler and 80% of the coal boiler. the boiler is fitted, microcomputer control system, with automatic control, automatic alarms in troubles and other features. The overall compact structure, little square, installation conviniently, low trouble, no noisy, no smoke, and  little of sulfur dioxide and carbon dioxide emissions. the boiler feed the use of advanced automatic devices to feed . when the mechion is full with one time ,  can use 1 - 3 days do not need to add fuel ; the system of firing uses the machine and operating easiesly.

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