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The biomass pellet fuel produced by sawdust granulator is more expensive than coal. Why do many people still use it?

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People who just know about biomass pellet fuels or who don't know about them all have the question: why are there many people using pellet fuels produced by sawdust pellet machines because the price of pellet fuels is more expensive than coal?

Everything has many aspects, and we often see only one side, the choice of biomass particles is the same, price is not the reason for choice, environmental protection is the key.

Coal is cheap but polluted seriously. Coal is banned in many parts of the country. If coal is used, it will face high fines. Coal is cheap, plus tens of thousands of fines per day. Is it cheap?

If it is only more environmentally friendly than coal, it is not enough to make the current market so hot. There are many kinds of clean energy sources in natural gas, electricity, gasification and so on, and the particles are not cleaner.

However, compared with natural gas, biomass pellet fuel is cost-effective, and the cost of generating the same heat is relatively low.

Moreover, the transformation cost of coal-fired boilers is relatively low. The special biomass burner can be transformed by simple docking.

Sawdust particles are only one kind of biomass pellet fuel. Straw, garbage, residue, rice husk and so on can be made into pellet fuel. They are all waste resources, and waste can be used at one stroke.

Therefore, if coal is still burned, sawdust particles can not be used, if only natural gas is burned, and no particles can be used. If these two situations do not belong to each other, the biomass granular fuel produced by sawdust granular machinery is one of the good choices.
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