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How much knowledge about granular products of biomass granulator

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Biomass Granulator Particle Product Knowledge:

1. What is biofuel?

Biomass pellet fuel is a new type of biomass renewable energy. It uses crop straw, such as corn straw, wheat straw, cotton straw, rice straw, corn cob, peanut husk, tree branches, bark, sawdust and other solid wastes. After crushing by a grinder, the biomass pellet machine is pressurized and densified, which is called "biomass fuel".

2. Characteristics of biomass fuels?

It has small volume, high specific gravity, high calorific value and is convenient for long-term storage and long-distance transportation. Its volume is only 1/15 of the same weight straw. Its density is 0.9-1.4g/cm2, and its calorific value can reach 3500-5500 calories. It is a solid fuel with volatile components.

3. Scope of application of biomass fuels?

It can replace wood, raw coal, liquefied gas, etc. and is widely used in domestic stoves, heating stoves, hot water boilers, industrial boilers, biomass power plants, etc.

4. Market demand?

Biomass fuel is clean and environmentally friendly, lower than the price of coal, and has a wide range of applications. In heating, heating, Hotel and bathing industries in cities, burning boilers do not meet the requirements of environmental protection. They can only use oil-fired boilers. The cost of fuel is several times higher than that of biomass fuel, which causes heavy operating pressure to the industry.

According to the forecast of the International Renewable Energy Organization, the reserves of underground oil, natural gas and coal can only be exploited for about 60 years at present. Therefore, biomass energy is an important development direction of renewable energy in the future. In recent years, the state has vigorously advocated and supported the development and utilization of bio-energy. The market selling price of sawdust particles for biomass granulator is 800-1100 yuan/ton, and that of straw granular fuel is 600-800 yuan/ton, which forms a situation of short supply and demand. With the worldwide energy shortage and the environmental protection needs of energy conservation and emission reduction, the market demand and profit margin of biomass renewable energy will be immeasurable.
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