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What auxiliary equipment does sawdust granulator need to produce biomass fuel?

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Sawdust granulator is a kind of environmental protection equipment with simple operation, high quality of finished products, reasonable structure and long service life. It mainly uses agricultural and forestry wastes (rice husk, straw, wheat straw, sawdust, bark, leaves, etc.) as main raw materials to produce new energy-saving and environmental protection fuel which can replace mineral coal. Recently, there are some ideas. The friend who buys granular machine calls to consult whether the equipment we produce can operate independently to produce biomass fuel. Or does the sawdust granulator need other auxiliary equipment?

Sawdust granulator: biomass fuel production, mainly processing raw materials are agricultural and forestry wastes. There are many kinds of raw materials, dry and wet degree and size of materials. The length of materials required for materials is about 3-50mm. If the length of materials is too long, a crusher equipment is needed to complete the earlier stage. Material crushing, if the humidity is too high, the crushed raw materials need to pass through a dryer to reach the required humidity before they can be put into granulator equipment for processing and production; if the size of raw materials and the degree of drying and wetness meet the requirements, then only a wood chip granulator can be needed, if automatic packaging and bagging is required. In that case, you need a conveyor and a baler.

Due to the different performance of raw materials, different specifications, and different production requirements for producing biomass pellet fuel, the auxiliary equipment needed is also different. The equipment that can be allocated to the production line of pellet machine is: crusher, drum dryer, conveyor, finished product cooling dryer, dust removal equipment, baler, etc. These equipments can be configured at will according to your specific requirements to meet your requirements for the processing line.

Every step in the production process of sawdust granulator is very important, which is related to the quality of biomass fuel. In the production process, the service life of granulator equipment and the quality of product particles should be strictly operated in accordance with the regulations.
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