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Prospect and Development of Biomass Particles

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Energy is an indispensable guarantee of life. While we use energy in our life, it also brings pollution to the environment. At present, biomass granular machine plays a vital role in this.

We know that climate pollution mainly comes from carbon emissions. In the process of using fossil energy, we do not fully burn the pollutants emitted. These are the real culprits of haze, all kinds of diseases. So our country advocates energy conservation and low carbon travel, but these are far from enough, mainly in the energy issue, how to use energy in the process of reducing carbon emissions.

Our country has a relatively far-reaching research and development on new energy. We have vigorously developed renewable and clean new energy sources, such as photovoltaic, wind power, biomass energy, and advocated the development of low-carbon environmental protection economy, which has been put into the energy industry and brought good results.

Energy transformation is to improve the environment, cope with the inexorable trend of energy shortage, save energy, benefit future generations, improve the deteriorating climate environment, but also we have a blue sky and white clouds.

Biomass granules, sawdust granules and straw granules are made from waste wood and crop waste: peanut hull, seedling, rice hull, straw, corn straw, Camellia hull, cotton seed hull, wheat straw and so on. The raw materials are relatively common, and they are found everywhere in the country, especially in autumn, straw and waste wood. Crumbs.

China is a big agricultural country. Most straw is burned after autumn, which is easy to cause fire and pollute the environment. If the straw is recycled into biomass particles and sold to biomass power plants or particle burners, the environmental pollution will be greatly reduced. The residue after fuel can also be used as potassium fertilizer directly. So as to drive the rural production power.

Biomass granular machinery plays an important role in the sustainable development of energy. It is pointed out that in the granular industry, China, Korea and Japan are regarded as great potential markets, and China has very broad market prospects and investment prospects in the development of biomass energy.

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