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North China has entered the heating season, biomass pellet fuel heating is favored

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As the temperature continues to fall, northern cities have collective heating, and rural areas have reached the season of experts'debate, government distress and farmers' worry in the past year. Coal heating? Natural gas heating? Or biomass pellet fuel heating produced by sawdust granulator?

In the winter of 2017, "coal to gas" has solved environmental problems, but reports of delays in heating caused by the dismantling of coal-fired furnaces and insufficient supply of "coal to gas" are common.

Under the tide of coal-to-gas and coal-to-electricity conversion, heating in rural areas of northern China in 2018 has once again become the focus of attention. Under the background of coal-to-gas and coal-to-electricity conversion, which heating mode is more suitable for rural areas? Because there is no centralized heating, for a long time, coal-fired heating has been the main heating mode in winter in northern China. Because this heating method is economical. However, although coal burning is economical, it is not environmentally friendly, which has brought enormous pollution to the environment. The foggy and hazy season in the heating season is a good proof. In order to improve air quality, local governments have to issue measures to phase out coal-fired boilers and change electricity or gas. For the urban-rural fringe, urban villages and new countryside, it is easier to change the traditional heating mode and realize centralized heating, but for the rural areas with dispersed residence, centralized heating, or coal to electricity, coal to gas, appears to be very difficult. As soon as the heating season arrives, the sequelae of large-scale "coal to gas" also emerges. The gas is not enough. Everywhere is restricting and stopping the gas. The old people and children in the family suffer.

If coal is not allowed to burn, electricity heating operation costs are too high and natural gas is not enough, is there a more reliable heating method?

The answer is yes, that is biomass pellet fuel and biomass heating furnace processed by sawdust pellet machine. At present, this energy-saving heating method has been popularized in rural areas. Biomass pellet fuel is a new type of energy-saving and environmental protection fuel. Sawdust pellet machine is an environmental protection equipment. By fully gasifying and burning biomass pellet fuel in the heating furnace, it can provide heat for the indoor. As a renewable and clean energy, biomass particles are the fourth largest energy source in the world after coal, oil and natural gas. They have innate resource endowment, green low carbon, clean environmental protection, near collection, near absorption and distributed utilization. As a fuel, biomass particles have high calorific value, long combustion time and no pollution to the environment. Dye.

At present, most rural areas do not lay natural gas pipelines, the use of gas heating furnace is limited; electric heating furnace, high operating costs, poor economy. This determines that within the scope of "lack of gas, less oil and expensive electricity", bioenergy granular energy can be used as an environmentally friendly fuel instead of coal, gas and electricity. Therefore, biomass pellet fuel and heating furnace are suitable for clean heating transformation in rural areas.

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