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What is the contribution of sawdust granulator to environmental protection?

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Sawdust granulator is mainly processed into pellet fuel from tree branches, sawdust and other agricultural and forestry wastes, and applied in various industries. The function of sawdust granulator has also been improved. At the same time, it will expand the application field and promote the development of sawdust granulator.

What are the contributions to creating environmentally friendly sawdust granulator?

With the further development of environmental protection, sawdust granulator not only realizes the transformation of waste into treasure, but also improves the value of crops. At the same time, it promotes the ecological environment and promotes economic development.

Sawdust granule mechanical product advantages:

1. It can produce biomass granules with various raw materials such as sawdust, straw, husk and so on.

2. High output, low energy consumption, low noise, low failure, strong fatigue resistance, continuous production, economy and durability.

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